Schedule for Latvian MTB XCO chapionships on 21. July. Venue Ikšķile, dabas parks “Ogres Zilie kalni”, stāvlaukums pie Dubkalnu karjera.

9.00  Opened registration 
10.30  1. Livonia “Mežezers” start  
11.30  2. Baker Nutrition start 
11.40  Award ceremony for Livonia “Mežezers” start 
13.30  3. Blackroll start 
15.20  4. Fazer start 
17.10  Award ceremony for 2. Baker Nutrition, 3. Blackroll un 4. Fazer starts 

It will be possible to buy food and drinks on the race day!

There will be available bicycle service from “ZZK”

Accommodation can be found at recreation complex “Turbas”