Regulations of Open XCO Cup, Latvia 2016

Open XCO Cup, Latvia 2016


Open XCO Cup goal is to make XCO discipline more popular between Latvian cyclists and to find out the most skillful Latvian cyclists in XCO discipline.

Open XCO Cup was made as overall assessment of XCO competitions organized by different organizers.

Every organizer team holds competition in accordance with their regulations and at their own discretion. The results of these competitions are summarized in overall assessment – according to the regulations of the Open XCO Cup.

Included competitions and dates of the competitions

01.05.2016 Gruzis acī ’16 – 1st stage in Sigulda

15.05.2016 Gruzis acī ’16 – 2nd stage in Ogres Zilie kalni

29.05.2016 Sigulda cup 2016 XCO (Open group)

23.07.2016 Kūku Velokross 2016 – Kūku parish, Krustpils municipality

20.08.2016 “AugstieKalni” XCO – Lizuma parish, Gulbene municipality, nature park “Augstie kalni”

28.08.2016 Velokross Sēlijas Pērle 2016 – Gārsene, Aknīste municipality

18.09.2016 Gruzis acī ’16 – 3rd stage in Riekstukalns

02.10.2016 Gruzis acī ’16 – 4th stage in Priekuļi


Open XCO Cup includes competitions where tracks comply with the characteristics of XCO.

A track should be located in hilly area with technical slopes, forest trails and paths, rocky sections (if available) and artificial or natural obstacles.

Track (one lap) length: 4-10 km

Time spent in track, according to which the number of laps is determined*:
Elite group and U23 group: 1:30 – 2:00
Juniors 19 group: 1:00 – 1:15
Other groups: determined by the organizers.

[On the basis of UCI Class2 regulations]


Every organizer can freely determine age groups in the competition, but common Latvian XCO participant rank will be divided into groups according to the following categories:

Category Age group
Girls 12-16 years
Boys 12-16 years
Women From 17 years
Men From 17 years

Considering the results of every competition, the participants will receive Open XCO Cup points according to the following algorithm.

  • Before receiving the points all participants will be divided into the categories mentioned above.
  • In each category the results of participants are sorted by the length of distance finished in particular competition. The participants who has finished the longest distance, will be listed first.
  • The results of participants are listed according to the time spent in the particular distance. The participants who have finished the distance faster than others will be listed first.
  • The participants will receive their points according to the list.

1st place receive 500 points, 2nd place 495 points, 3rd place 490 points. Every further place receives 5 points less.


Name, Surname Time   Distance km XCO points
Participant 1 01:32:32.48 29 500
Participant 2 01:32:32.92 29 495
Participant  3 01:36:13.98 29 490
Participant  4 01:37:32.84 29 485
Participant  5 01:37:53.61 29 480
Participant  41 01:07:44.24 20 475
Participant  42 01:09:49.33 20 470
Participant  43 01:11:09.56 20 465
Participant  44 01:13:31.18 20 460
Participant  45 01:14:45.75 20 455
Participant  46 01:19:34.54 20 450
Participant  20 01:01:03.00 11 445
Participant  22 01:02:35.00 11 440

Open XCO Cup Latvia winners will be determined according to the sum of points from each Open XCO Cup competition.

Award ceremony

Open XCO Cup, Latvia winners of first three places will receive Open XCO Cup, Latvia cup and awards from sponsors.

Award ceremony and Open XCO Cup after party will take place in different date and place, which will be announced soon.

Contact information about Open XCO Cup, Latvia

Sanita Bitko, +37126364983,

Organizers of competitions included in Open XCO Cup

Gruzis acī XCO: Association “Briedis bedrē brikšķināja”,

Cross-country cycling competition Sēlijas Pērle 2016: Aknīste municipality, municipality’s cycling activists,

Kūku Velokross 2016: Association „Daugavas Pārupieši”, Association „Veloklubs Līvāni”,

XCO “AugstieKalni”: Lizuma parish, Cycling team “Lizums”,

Sigulda cup 2016 XCO:  Sigulda sports and recreation center Puķu Street 4, Sigulda.