„24h MTB” race  regulations  – 2016

24h competition

 1.     Objective

„24h MTB” is a MTB race of 24 hours in length.

The mission of the race is:

  • To develop the MTB racing traditions in Latvia.
  • To diversify the concept and comprehension about the MTB marathon competitions.
  • To identify the strongest and the toughest Participants.
  • To promote interesting and healthy leisure time activities and popularize MTB sport as an accessible and active leisure time activity.
  • To bring cycling enthusiasts in one united event.

2.     Start time and place

The competition takes place from August 27th, 2016 to August 28th, 2016.

Venue: Ikšķiles novads (Ikšķile region) (56.839258, 24.571200), marked access from Road P5.

3.     Distances and start times

The track is made in marked lap of ~10 kilometers in length.

The competition starts at 12:00 on the 27th of August 2016, and finishes at 13:00 on the 28th of August 2016.

4.     Groups (classes)

The participation in the Race can be individual (Solo), double (Pairs), fours (Quads) or Open class (three to five Participants).

  • Solo class – one Participant;
  • Pairs class – two Participants;
  • Quads – four Participants;
  • Open class – three to five Participants.

The mission of Teams is to go as many laps during the control time (24 hours) as possible.

5.     The course of the race

  1. The Race starts at 12:00 on 27th August, 2016 at the same time for all classes.
  2. The mission of Participants is to go maximum number of laps during the control time.
  3. During the competition for Pairs and Quads classes, only one Participant at a time is allowed to be in the track. The change of Participant is allowed only in the exchange area. The new Participant enters the track only when the previous one has stopped in the exchange area.
  4. The frequency and length of exchange is not regulated, it is organized by the Participants themselves.
  5. The finish of the competition is at 13:00 on 28h of August, 2016. The lap that is finished after this time is not counted in the total amount.
  6. For the finish (and whole race!) to be valid, the Participant of the Team has to enter the finish area during the 11:00 to 13:00. If it is not done, it is considered that the finish of the race has not been reached.


  1. a) If the Participant of the Team finishes his lap at 11:00:00 or later, but does not finish the next lap until 13:00 (or does not continue with next lap), then in the results of the Team the last lap is the one that is finished at 11:00:00. In this case, the finish has been reached. The Teams are allowed to decide whether to continue cycling after 11:00 or not. The Participant is allowed to stop before finish line so he/she enters the finish area at 11:00 or later.
  2. b) If the Participant cross finish line at 10:59:59, the Team must do at least one more lap until 13:00:00 for the finish to be officially valid.
  3. Start is open until 12:00. The Participants should enter a lap before this time. After that time they are not let in the track.

6.     Registration of participants and participation fees

To register you need to fulfill registration form http://xco.lv/. Participants from other countries can pay fee on the race day.

Group Registration till 31.07.2016 Registration till 21.08.2016 Registration till 25.08.2016
Solo class 25 EUR 30 EUR 35 EUR
Pair class 50 EUR 60 EUR 70 EUR
Quads class 100 EUR 120 EUR 140 EUR
Open class Number of participants * 25 EUR Number of participants * 30 EUR Number of participants * 35 EUR

Participants on the race day should register their presence, and the numbers are assigned to each of them. They should be fixed to each participant’s bicycle’s front and rear in a visible place.

Participation fee includes:

  1. Marked track;
  2. Number plates for every rider;
  3. Time measurement, results` summary;
  4. Water point in the start area;
  5. Several meals during the race;
  6. Diploma and prize for each participant;
  7. Race civil insurance and other permissions that demands organization of the event;
  8. First medical assistance at the race start/finish area.

If the Participant does not register to the competition (does not arrives at the race), the transferred participation fee is not refunded.

7.     Classing and awards

Racers are judged in Solo, Pairs and Quads classes in a separate competition between men, women and mixed teams, and a total one in an Open class competition.

Prize distribution by classes in the respective competition:

1.– 3. place in Solo class for women

1.– 3. place in Solo class for men (till 40)

1.– 3. place in Solo class for men (40+)

1.– 3. place in Pairs class for women

1.– 3. place in Pairs class for men

1.– 3. place in Pairs class – mixed

1.– 3. place in Quads class for women

1.– 3. place in Quads class for men

1.– 3. place in Quads class – mixed

1st place in Open class

To qualify for the prize indicated above, Team must go a minimum distance, which is expressed in the form of laps: 6 laps.

The winner is determined by the laps completed in accordance with the paragraph “The course of the competition” of these regulations. In the case of even number of laps, wins the Participant/ Team that finishes first.

Time is measured to the nearest second. Race results will be published on the website www.xco.lv
All the Participants are awarded diplomas and prizes.
Participants/ Teams who got the places mentioned above, will be awarded the sponsor prizes. Detailed information about prizes from sponsors will be published on the website www.xco.lv
If any of the Classes in the competition contain only one or two Teams, they are also awarded.

8.     For the attention of the participants

  1. Participants of the competition must be at least 18 years old. Younger participants should join Pairs or Quads class with at least one adult person who is responsible for the minors.
  2. Minor Participants during registration should submit a parents signed permission to participate. If the minor’s team-mate is not one of the parents, the permit must state the person (name and surname) that is responsible for the minor.
  3. Participation in the competition is official from the moment when the Participant submits a completed application for participation in competition and has paid his participation fee.
  4. If the participant leaves the track, he must return to the track at the same place it was left.
  5. Riders on their bikes, riding in race track, must wear a buckled helmet, whether or not they are racing.
  6. The participant is obliged to provide assistance to the other Participant in case of injury, and report the accident to the organizers by phone +371 26364983 or call direct emergency number 113. Teams that do not follow these rules are disqualified from the race.
  7. Entering the track starting from 20:00 on the 27th August till 06:30 on the 28th August, the participants must switch on the front lighting lamp, as well as rear warning lights.
  8. In the case the Participant is not able to finish the lap, the Participant shall notify the judges about it when returning to the start area.

9.     Liability of the Participants

All participants are required to read and comply with the regulations of the competition.
Registering on the race day, the Participant with his signature certifies that he is aware of competition regulations.
A Participant has a civil and legal responsibility for all accidents and material losses related with participation in this competition.
Registering for the race and going on the track, each member assumes full responsibility for their own health within the distance.
Participant is responsible for:
• The possible collisions, falls and other accidents at the track.
• The things left in start/ changing area
• The state of his own health while participating in the competition. In case of health problems, the participant undertakes to withdraw himself from the race.
The Participants waive from lodging any claims to the organizer or any other persons involved in organizing the event for possible accidents or material damage occurred.
The organizers are not responsible for possible injuries and/or health problems during the race.

10.  Attention!

Participants must not litter the race area, and should treat the environment with the respect.
During the competition, traffic movement will not be restricted. All Participants, driving on public roads or crossing them, must comply with the road traffic safety rules.

11.  Penalties

  1. Participants should strictly follow the specified route. In case of failure to comply with it, the first offence is punished by subtraction 2 laps from team`s final result; second offence – disqualification from the competition.
  2. The disqualification of one Participant from Pair, Quad or Open class team means disqualification of the whole team.
  3. Incorrect exchange (next Participant goes on the track before the stoppage of the previous Participant) – plus 5 minutes to lap time.
  4. Change of the Participants outside the exchange area – disqualification.
  5. Any form of unsportsmanlike deed – disqualification.

The basic principle of the competition is a fair competition. All participants that will be found to be using unfair fight will be disqualified.

12.  Mandatory equipment

The minimal mandatory equipment of the Team without which it won’t be admitted to the Competition is:

  • Bicycle – 1 piece
  • Helmet – 1 piece
  • Rear warning light – 1 piece
  • Front light – 1 piece, minimum 20 meters beam;

13.  Objections

Any Participant who believes that he has been restricted with any kind of action, before crossing the finish line, can submit the protest to the organizers.

The protest must be submitted by the insulted person or the whole Team signed within 15 minutes after the end of the lap, paying 15.00 EUR. If the protest is satisfied, the payment will be returned.

The protest concerning the results must be submitted by the insulted person or the whole Team signed within 15 minutes after the announcement of the results, paying 15.00 EUR. If the protest is satisfied, the payment will be returned.

14.  Organizers

The competition is organized and monitored by BDR „Briedis bedrē brikšķināja”

Ogres novads, Ogre, Skolas iela 15-3, LV-5001

Person in charge: Sanita Bitko

Mobile ph.: +371 26364983

e-mail: sanita.bitko@gmail.com

Web: www.xco.lv

The organizers have the right to change the regulations, posting an informative warning about it on website www.xco.lv, but no later than 31th July 2016.