IMPRO Travels presents: participate in 24h MTB race and win a trip to Lanzarote!

Do not miss your chance to transfer from your bike to plane! How?

1. Participate in “24h MTB” race – solo class or 2-person team class, in 24h discipline, in any competition group.
2. During the race, according to 24h MTB rules, minimum distance must be as follows:

2.1. women – 140 km (15 laps)
2.2. men – 190 km (20 laps)
3.One winner will randomly be chosen from all competitors who will reach the mileage according to rules 2.1. and 2.2. The winner will be rewarded with a prize – trip to Lanzarote for two persons. Travelling duration: 13.11.2016 – 20.11.2016.

4. Each contestant participates in lottery individually.
Example: contestants are participating in 2-person team class, mixed competition.
Man finishing 160 km, woman finishing 150 km – only woman is qualified for lottery, because of the mileage reached satisfying rule 2.1.
Man finishing 190 km, woman finishing 140 km – each competitor is qualified for lottery separately, because of the mileage reached satisfying rule 2.1. and 2.2.

5. Lottery draw will take place right after awards ceremony of the race.