“Picas meistars” is waiting everyone at the finish line

Pizza slice for every participant in final “Gruzis acī” stage provided by “Picas meistars”! If one slice is not enough (it’s never enough) then you can order this delicious pizza in Ogre and Rīga: www.picasmeistars.lv Follow “Picas meistars” in social media: www.facebook.com/picasmeistars twitter.com/picasmeistars

Lap count for groups in third stage Ikšķile

Lap count for groups at “Gruzis acī” XCO third stage in Ikšķile: Men: Juniors 15 (from 12 – 14 years) – 2  laps Juniors 17 (from 15 – 16 years) – 3  laps Juniors 19 (from 17 – 18 years) – 4 laps Juniors 23 (from 19 – 22 years) – 5 laps Experts (from […]

Track scheme for third stage

We present track scheme for XCO “Gruzis acī” final third stage at Ikšķile on 24. September. Track is 5.1km long. In each lap You will vertically climb in total ~130m.  Don’t forget that we close online registration for third stage today (20. September) at midnight. It will also be possible to register on the race […]

Stage information for “Gruzis acī” 2017 3rd stage

Race location: Latvia, Ikšķile, “Zilie kalni” Dubkalnu karjers – http://ej.uz/2017gruzis3posms Event made in cooperation with Ikšķile local government. You are in a specially protected nature area – in the nature park “Ogres Zilie kalni”! We invite you to respect the natural and human values! Race day plan: 10:00 Opened registration 11:00 Closed registration for groups: Juniors 15, Juniors […]

Trainings in final 3rd stage track

Start to prepare for “Gruzis acī” XCO final 3rd stage at Ikšķilē which is happening on 24. September! We are making two public trainings in 3rd stage track so everyone could be ready for the race: 16. September at 13:00 20. September at. 18:00 Gathering place and start zone at Ikšķile, Dubkalnu karjers – http://ej.uz/2017gruzis3posms

Registration is opened

Registration is opened for Cross-country Olympic (XCO) mountain biking competition “Gruzis acī” 2017 Registration Regulations