“Gruzis acī” 2nd stage photo galleries

Photo galleries: Official gallery – Ģirts Kehris – SELECTION– FULL GALLERY Igors Juršēvičs – https://goo.gl/photos/oovPE3MttJo8iDbj6 Jānis Lārmanis – https://failiem.lv/u/2kxxtt2r#

Every participant gets a pizza slice!

Each participant after finish receives a delicious pizza slice from the best pizzeria in Cēsis “Studio Pizza”! Order your own pizza: http://studiopizza.lv Follow on social networks: facebook.com/StudioPizzaLV

Stage information for “Gruzis acī” 2017 2nd stage

Race location: Latvia, Priekuļi, Priekuļu biatlona centrs – http://ej.uz/2017gruzis2posms If You are riding on road from Riga then we advise You to use this road beacuse of roadworks (a lot of traffic lights)  – MAP Race day plan: 10:00 Opened registration 11:00 Closed registration for groups: Juniors 15, Juniors 17 11:30 Start for groups: Juniors 15, Juniors […]

Online registration is closed

Online registration for “Gruzis acī” 2nd stage is closed. Don’t worry if You missed it because it will be possible to register on the race day. Participation fee will be a bit more expensive on the race day if you aren’t registered online. Race viewers are free of charge.  

Track scheme for second stage

Here is what You will face on this Sunday 20. August! We present track scheme for “Gruzis acī” XCO second stage at Priekuļi. Track is 3,9km long. In each lap You will vertically climb in total ~130m. For comparison on the first stage at Baldone there was in total more than 200m which was one […]

The track is ready! Are you?

Get ready for “Gruzis acī” second stage on the next Sunday, 20th August at Priekuļi, Latvia! We will determine the strongest XCO riders! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”550″]

Trainings in 2nd stage track

“Gruzis acī” XCO 2nd stage at Priekuļi is happening already on 20. August! We are making two public trainings in 2nd stage track so everyone could be ready for the race: 12. August at 13:00 16. August at. 19:30 Track .gpx file can be exported from here – https://www.endomondo.com/routes/813425740 Gathering place and start zone at Priekuļu biatlona centrs – http://ej.uz/2017gruzis2posms

Registration is opened

Registration is opened for Cross-country Olympic (XCO) mountain biking competition “Gruzis acī” 2017 Registration Regulations