Gruzis acī 3rd stage champagne rain

Don’t forget your raincoats, because they will definitely be useful on the awards ceremony! Mežezers champagne will rain in all groups and that will be provided by our friends Livonia! Some lucky fellas will also get taste of the new delicious sparkling juice drink BiFresh!   See you all tomorrow at Gruzis acī 3rd stage […]

Track scheme “Gruzis acī” 3rd stage Riekstukalns

Track scheme Track scheme – Juniors 15, Juniors 17 Track route in Endomondo (.gpx file can be downloaded by clicking “Export”): Track will be marked on Saturday so be aware that it is not possible in some downhill sections to find correct trail only by using GPS

Planned lap count for “Gruzis acī” 3rd stage in Riekstukalns

Important changes in regulations: After Men Elite leader finishes race, start is closed and participants from Elite and all the other groups can not start a new lap – all riders finishes their started lap and are ranked by finished lap count and time, regardless if they managed to finish  specified lap count for their […]