Gruzis acī ’16 1st stage changes in groups

There has been made few changes for age groups: Elite group starts from 19 years If wanted participants who are already registered for group “Juniors 23” will be able to switch to Elite group on the race day. There are also made differences in lap counts for each group (was posted yesterday) Elite group riders […]

Gruzis acī ’16 Sigulda 1st stage track scheme

Track scheme (english) Track scheme (teenage course for Juniors 15 and Juniors 17) (english) Planned lap count for XCO “Gruzis acī” 1st stage in Sigulda (lap count may be decreased on bad weather conditions): Men: Juniors 15 (from 12 – 14 years) – 1 laps (shortened laps) Juniors 17 (from 15 – 16 years) – 2 laps […]

Trainings for Gruzis acī 1st stage

Gruzis acī 1st stage joint trainings in track in Sigulda 24.04.2016, at 16:00. Telephone for info: +371 22 131 997 Everyone is welcomed for public trainings in the track. Together we will ride multiple laps of the track and stop before each obstacle and together help each other to overcome them by explaining and showing how […]