Race day schedule for Latvian MTB XCO championships 2018

Schedule for Latvian MTB XCO chapionships on 21. July. Venue Ikšķile, dabas parks “Ogres Zilie kalni”, stāvlaukums pie Dubkalnu karjera.

9.00  Opened registration 
10.30  1. Livonia “Mežezers” start  
11.30  2. Baker Nutrition start 
11.40  Award ceremony for Livonia “Mežezers” start 
13.30  3. Blackroll start 
15.20  4. Fazer start 
17.10  Award ceremony for 2. Baker Nutrition, 3. Blackroll un 4. Fazer starts 

It will be possible to buy food and drinks on the race day!

There will be available bicycle service from “ZZK”

Accommodation can be found at recreation complex “Turbas” https://turbas.lv/







Dateks.lv Latvian MTB XCO championships 2018 track schema

In XCO discipline it is very important to get to know track before the race day because track contains many obstacles which can make problems even for advanced riders if they haven’t met them.

Now track has been marked with simple marking so everyone can meet the track before race day. Final track marking will happen the day before race.

We are organizing two public trainings in track where we will see all the obstalces and learn how to overcome them – going straight over or using chicken line.

Public trainings:

12. July, thursday at 18:50

18. July, wednesday at 19:00

Meeting point: Ikšķile, dabas parks “Ogres Zilie kalni”, stāvlaukums pie Dubkalnu karjera

Endomondo track

Track’s .Gpx file for navigation

Track map

Registration opened for Dateks.lv Latvian MTB XCO championships

Registration opened for Dateks.lv Latvian MTB XCO championships – Registration

Attention – riders can participate in licenced groups (all groups except open groups) only with valid Latvian Cycling federation licence.

Registration in licenced groups are for free if participant has been registered until 19.07.2018 when online registration will close.

Riders can participate in any Open groups with or without licence from any country who are born from year 2006 or older.

Regulations (in Latvian)

Dateks.lv Latvian MTB XCO National Championship

Dateks.lv Latvian XCO Mountain biking National Championship will be held on 21. July at Nature Park “Ogres Zilie kalni”!

MTB XCO competition “Gruzis acī” 2018 is cancelled, but in Dateks.lv Latvian Championship XCO there will be amateur distance which will be available for everyone – no licence needed and participants will be grouped by age, each group will have different lap count – similar as it was in “Gruzis acī” XCO.